The Apostolic Church and Pastor Umo Eno’s Homecoming

The Apostolic Church and Pastor Umo Eno’s Homecoming

By Osondu Ahirika

At every turn and every turf, we will diminish their proud resentment and empty howls of crying wolf where there is none.

Since Pastor Umo Eno emerged and as his aspiration gathers momentum of spreading support, the few naysayers are fighting shadows.

The Apostolic Church is currently their latest target.

Since News that Akwa Ibom State territory of The Apostolic Church, Nigeria, has declared its total support for the 2023 governorship aspiration of Pastor Umo Eno broke they have lost their rest.

Even a jilted woman has lesser fury compared to the angst of the camp of the few who are against Pastor Umo Eno’s bid.

Yes! It is their right to support and endirse a different candidate. But why make it look like heresy or a sin for others to receive Pastor Umo Eno?

If the Apostolic Church Akwa Ibom Territory endorsed your preferred candidate wouldn’t you have shouted to God be the glory?

So the Chairman of the Territory, Apostle E. I. Uye in making this position known on Tuesday, during a consultation visit to the Territorial Council by Pastor Umo Eno is now evil?

And his full Council including; the Etinan, Uyo, Eket, Ikot Abasi, Ikot Ekpene, and Ikono Field Superintendent, Apostles S.A. Isaiah, I. N. George, U. S. Ukpong, E. U. Johnson, E. O. Akpan, and G. U. Akpakpan respectively, as well as A. B. Inyang and B. E. Okon were there in concurrence.

No! These revered fathers in the Lord can’t be all wrong.

Didn’t they write that Pastor Umo Eno was excommunicated by this same Apostolic Church?

Did the man not come clean when quizzed by the Press to say he was ordained and served as a Pastor in the Apostolic Church for years?

He voluntarily sought the blessings of his superiors to move on and start a Ministry God called him to.

Was that explanation not affirmed by The Apostolic Church that he never erred?

How come, rather than vindicate the man , given that, this endorsement by the leadership of The Apostolic Church, is the seal of affirmation that, he never soiled his garment with them?

What is wrong with Pastor Umo Eno going back to his foundation and religious roots to seek their blessings?

What is the crime in The Apostolic Church admitting, supporting and giving a Seal of approval of their son’s aspiration?

The Apostolic Church cannot be moved by these rants. There is no Church that wouldn’t support their member for the top job.

Like the true witnesses they are, The Apostolic Church have simply said, ‘ Behold Pastor Umo Eno our Son.

The Church should neither be intimidated nor embarrassed by the whining of those opposed to Pastor Eno.

It is expected they will feel deprived by the boost and power of this big endorsement.

Other aspirants can still try their luck to earn the consideration of The Apostolic Church or any other denomination for that matter?

Crying and abusing The Apostolic Church will not cut it. It was a homecoming for Pastor Umo Eno.

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