Reactions when parents accompany Burna Boy to a club on his birthday

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Notoriety for Nigerian music artist Burna Boy has caused a stir after celebrating his birthday with his parents.

Burna Boy celebrated his 33rd birthday in a nightclub with his father, Bose Ogulu, and mother in a now-controversial social media video.

@Bidal4Life: “Just obtain funds.” Your parents will go inside the club with you.

“Some artists can’t relate, everyone in his family is still alive,” said @Hojay_33.

“What money brings, to some extent beyond imagination,” said Henry Gevson.

“Our parents would never let us hit the club,” tweeted @Juice. They were vehemently opposed to it. However, Burna Boy going out with his parents? That is really insane. It demonstrates the extent to which one can get away with being a big shot!

“However, my parents are prepared to come club, come carry me go house say na sinner parlor,” said @STARLION_JK.

@4dollarsn; “No smoking of Igbo, burna turn choir master.” Much respect to our parents, who are still with us.

“He doesn’t smoke weed when his father is around,” said @KelvinAustin234.

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