OBA: An Endowed Political Asset To Rescue Akwa Ibom Electorate In 2023

OBA: An Endowed Political Asset To Rescue Akwa Ibom Electorate In 2023

By Imoh Ben

Because he knows his purpose and calling, he has never lost the track of his mission and is not going to loose focus from achieving his target of rescuing citizens of Akwa Ibom State from present state of discontentment. The state is worst hit in terms of unemployment, social disharmony, mass suffering and biting hunger citizens have been forced to experience in the past few years since inception of this administration.

In fact, objective sampled opinions on capacities of aspirants who can change the sad narratives after Mr. Udom Emmanuel’s exit show that none other than distinguished Sen. Bassey Albert has convinced electorates by his or her personal character, pedigree in political leadership and antecedents in term of performance that he is more than qualified. Indeed, this majority opinion stands as a superior verdict anywhere.

Without sounding bogus the senator is exceptionally fit and competent to repair the huge damage done to political leadership of the state, and proceed to add value to citizens’ wellbeing more than all others seeking the office.

He is one of the highly esteemed personality who is nationally rated as a result-oriented leadership brand. Therefore, if the senator is of inestimable value to the country and is readily recommended as a reference of selfless service, why is he opposed by the Mr. Udom Emmanuel’s led cabal? Even when it clear that the senator is goal getter and a pacesetter who sees the big pictures of things and pursues them with absolute passion as a dependable politician should do, he is battled against by a leadership that has no clue what electorates desire as a governor..

There is no doubt that political leadership is distinguished senator’s natural endowment, a calling that he has displayed significant proofs to confirm it. His sterling leadership qualities and accompanying impact have been exhibited excellentlly to the admiration of right thinking people in socio-political class and the general public. Obviously, no senator from his district has come miles near his performance in legislative competence and historic empowerment programmes.

Of course, it is by actions of people that their areas of strength are known since everyone has his calling and endowed with special ability and talent. No doubt,it is obviosly clear that the senator is endowed to be of the greatest impact on the society through selfless political leadership. And he has definitely proven to be an asset in this regard more than a thousand times since 2007 when he came on board the state government’s ship as commissioner for finance.

Over past years, he has effortlessly convinced the public that he knows his purpose and acts in the line of his calling.
Likewise, other governorship aspirants have comparative advantage in their respective peculiar callings. And they are noted to exhibit their particular strength in different areas of engagements they are involved in over time.
Some have proofs that they are successful business men, accomplished professionals and religious leaders.

Unfortunately, even when their known strength is glaringly noted, that not withstanding they go off tracks to misplace themselves in where they lack capacity. Whereas, they would, if they follow their peculiar callings probably end up like Dangote, Prelates and University professors.
This retrogressive trend is common in a few states and Akwa Ibom State is one of the victim states where such mistake has happened. It is where people who have no business romancing with politics or had they showed the slightness sign of gift of political leadership abandon where they have glaring evidences of comparative advantage
to wander into politics and be overwhelmed to look confused by its complexity.

Sadly, in politics of the state, these disadvantaged types who have not contributed anything significant to advance political development in their own villages prior to dabbling into politics are those so desperate to be imposed as governor by the sitting governor who equally posses no outstanding skills in political leadership, neither did he too made contributions before being conscripted as stooge advance concealed interests of his mentors.

The present rating of the helmsman, Mr. Udom Emmanuel has shown that if his likes succeed to become the governor by hook or crook means, they only end up being a political mistake and nightmare to citizens.
We have seen with our eyes open that being top rated banker does not guaranteed being a good political leader or publc administrator. Present leadership performance shows accounting skills or business acumen does assure citizens dividends of democracy which comes through good governance in an administration presided by a competent political leader.

This misplaced role is why there is strained relationship and dissaffection with the leadership of today. It is what happens when square pegs are misplaced in round holes. Sen. Akpabio had to confess he made a mistake in his choice of successor. A costly mistake for that matter which has left the populace suffering terribly. The present situation is why there is general consensus to resist imposition so that such mistake would not repeat itself again through Pastor Umo Eno.

Though there is state sponsored cannival called consultations and system induced threats of sack, intimidation of delegates and cajoling of socio-political group to adopt his preferred choice who is excited about hid imposition, there is no doubt that the billions of money that would be released will end up as compensation or parting gift from the governor to voters for the many years of suffering after every elections until next four years when money is mopped up through loans to bribe electorates again and then dump them for another four years after victory by his party,PDP.

The huge loans from financial institutions owned by the governor or his cronies budgeted to install Pastor Umo Eno at all cost are painful debts left for many generations to pay. This is a deep injury to youths whose future have been mortgaged because funds that should be channel to youth development goes to service some slice of the loans.

Pastor Umo Eno’s consriptor knows too well that to be an excellent caterer and hotelier is not a credential to be a competent political leader to manage resources of the state in order to deliver much sought after dividends of democracy by citizens who have been starved of these benefits over the past few years under the present administration. It a fact that the governor mischievously wants to rule by proxy in order to continue to centre infrastructural development to his geographical axis. Onna if we must be told is referred normally to Onna Eket and Nsit Ubium is called Nsit Ubium Eket. These are common reference to the two local government areas to show historical and geographical linkage.

So, he is deliberately depriving the right zone, Itu/Ibiono Federal Constituency in micro-zoning arrangement to retain the governorship position in his backyard so that the wave of development will still flow in his community direction. What an insensitive, supressive, wicked and politically biased leader!

The governor’s schemes are well known which is why after said adoption which was aimed at dousing the level of Sen. Albert’s popularity, his opposition has swelled. Whereas, the acceptability rating of the senator has not dwindled, rather is soaring higher because it is so clear that from all considered yardsticks he remains the best person to succeed the present governor to change the narratives of governance.

It is obviously evident that through the positions of responsibility the lawmaker has held so far he has displayed the remarkable capacity to sustain the legacies on ground and shoulder burdens leftover too without weavering or tendering unnecessary excuses for failure to keep promises during campaigns. Electorates do not want imposed successor because they are conscious that challenges which the next governor will face are not for a political mediocre or conscripted stooge who lacks capacity to manage complexity associated with governance of the State.

Of course, the State is not a private enterprise or running office of the Governor a tea party. Political leadership at the level of governorship is not about being successful in catering and hotel management business or pastoring a church. Far from it because good governance which translates to catering for the social welfare demands of the citizens and infrastructural development of the state requires much more than such capacities. If successes in businesses amount to political leadership capacity people like Elder Obot “Obotex” should secure automatic ticket from PDP,while Dangote, Otedola etc. should commandeer the presidential ticket that even bullion van billionaire Tinubu is being bullied about not minding his deep pockets.

Besides electorates are desirous of escaping from decietful, selfish and self-centered leadership that its social distance from the grassrooot is too wide to understand their critical needs and appreciate their plights. They detest another of such era under the leadership of the governor’s adopted successor. Already he has history of being a mean Shylock, a tight fist, anti-labour rights who is very unaccommodating of the unprivileged masses. Like his promoter he does not have any idea what citizens need, as such he will embark on unpopular elephant projects with state funds that will add no meaningful value to the well-being of ordinary people.

Sen. Albert cannot waste public funds on senseless projects when he is familiar with what bothers ordinary people. He knows that to fund students bursary,grants and scholarships will relieve a lot of families of burdens which they carry over each year. Provision of jobs for unemployed and contracts to local indigenes shall be taken to unprecedented heights. And with his love for progress of youths, under him business grants will be treated as rights of the class of population.

Of course, as a grassrooot friendly leader who is never comfortable seeing vulnerable class suffer, through robust social welfare programmes he will address their critical needs promptly and sustainably. This responsive leadership attitude is why he is cherished because he is unlike most of the present political leaders who fake generousity only during election periods and afterwards will dump citizens to wallow in poverty for the next years until another election.

He is appreciated because it takes a lot of self-sacrifice to stoop down to lift the down trodden as he does unceasingly over the years. He is not the only senator or has he been the only commissioner for finance, nevertheless, it is amazing why his remarkable impacts are yet to be challenged and overwhelmed as he overwhelmed those before him. This is a glaring sign of someone blessed with political leadership potentials. He is square peg in a square hole.

Therefore, it is a general belief that from 2023 when a new era begins under Sen.Bassey Albert’s administration, appreciation of his pragmatic and charismatic leadership style by citizens will obviously reflect on their personal and economic wellbeing. He will definitely advance the interest of the people better than conscripted stooges who lack what it takes to excel in political position.

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