My Husband Wants His Sick Mother To Permanently Move In With Us, I Rejected

Social media user sen this to her Facebook group admin.


See her message:

Hello Admin. I will be in the comments reading. I have two questions I would like to ask your mature followers. My husband wants his sick mother to move in with us.

She has been unwell for years and currently lives in the village but has become too old and sickly to care for herself. Yes she needs help as she is slowly losing her memory and sometimes even forgets to eat.

I’m against the idea because she will be my responsibility as he travels a lot for work. Honestly, I do not think it should be my responsibility to care for her.

We have a son who equally demands my attention. Even my parents support the decision. My suggestion to him is that we find someone in the village to take care of her as he has no siblings to take over the responsibility.

However, my husband won’t hear of it. He says his mother is coming to live in his home and those who don’t like it should leave, a statement I find unfair. We are not financially able to hire another maid to care for her. My first question is, how do I convince my husband that this is a bad idea and will just bring us problems?

Secondly, I would like to hear from anyone whose had the experience of taking care of an elderly person. How did you manage? Maybe I should also ask if there are places within the Copperbelt where elderly people are kept even at a small field.

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