Are you tired of wearing a padded bra and want to have bigger breasts? Then you are on the right page. Breasts are one of the most appealing features of a woman and they not only make you look attractive but can also boost your confidence.

However, not all women are blessed with the perfect pair of breasts. Some women opt for surgery but not many are comfortable going under the knife to get bigger dearies. There is simpler and more natural method to increase the size of the breasts—by eating food items that will help you to get bigger breasts.

Normally, breast development happened when girls hit puberty due to several hormones like oestrogen, progesterone and growth hormone. By eating food rich in these hormones will help you to get bigger breasts. Here is a list of food items you can eat to increase the size of your breasts.

1. Food containing phytoestrogen

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2. Food rich in healthy fat

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Foods rich in healthy fat will help you to get bigger breasts provided you to proper exercises to get the perfect shape. It is recommended to exercise is you are consuming healthy fat because otherwise, you will end up just gaining weight. The foods rich in healthy fat include olive oil, avocado, fish, nuts and eggs.

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3. Soy

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It is one of the superfoods for the breast enlargements. Soy is rich in phytoestrogens and isoflavones. It fights the breast cancer cells and the free radicals. Instead of drinking regular milk, drink soy milk.

4. Radish

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According to several studies, radish has a connection to the enlargement of breasts. The vegetable contains astringent properties and helps improve the blood circulation. Improved blood flow to the breasts them to increase in size.

5. Seafood

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Prawns, oysters, shell fish and seaweed are rich in Manganese and helps improve sex hormones, which in turn promote the growth of tissues of the breast. You will be surprised by the effect of eating seafood daily.