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The age-long message of scriptures in Psalms 90:12 has influenced almost all facets of life, especially the political administration such that every political office holder has the first 100 days in his/her subconsciousness.


Good or bad, everything is conceived in the mind and transmitted from there to the physical.

What you do not conceive or imagine may hardly come to play in real life.


Though the first 100 days in office impression may arguably appear unconstitutional in the sight of many, yet time and chance are both concomitant factors in the rating of events in life, political office inclusive.


For Dr. Uwemedimo Udo, leadership is the determinant factor for growth of any organization. The results may be very attractive and appetizing in the public view/domain, but like finished gold, the making/process may no doubt be full of unpleasant sacrifices that can only be imagined.


After the finished work on the Cross, over 2000 years ago by the Saviour, the grace of God had been made available and sufficient too to all who believe, but it will only take people who are ready to pay the price to key into this sufficient grace to obtain results.


Top amongst the silent or almost ignored successes of the Dr. Uwemedimo Udo led administration of Uyo Local Government is a clear demonstration or inferencing summary of the fact that; with the right leadership in place, every/any system can work.


Nigeria as a country is not beyond repairs, it is possible to fix this nation if we fix the problem of leadership.


Even in the face of biting economic realities, Akwa Ibom State is still initiating and completing mega people oriented projects, not because the economic conditions are palatable, but because the right leadership in person of His Excellency, Mr. Udom Emmanuel, Governor of Akwa Ibom State is on the saddle and thinking outside the box and making dangerous sacrifices in place of pleasures, just for the good of all.


Right from the time His Excellency Mr. Udom Emmanuel came in as Governor of Akwa Ibom State and was using his personal car for his official duties for more than a year, without being in a hurry to get state funds to get himself brand new sophisticated vehicles in convoy, but rather laying futuristic economic foundations because of the economic situation at the time, I knew he was the right man for the job and he would do the miracle. Today, we are not disappointed at all.


Subject like boss, Dr. Uwemedimo Udo as Chairman of Uyo Local Government has shown modesty, prudence and integrity in the management of public office and only in the first 100 days, the resultant effect is “WOW”!


Today is not a speech making day and I resist the temptation of listing his achievements at that.


But for the purpose of this celebration, as a Council, we hereby seize this opportunity to return all the glory, honour, majesty, adoration and praise to the Almighty God, the giver of life and the giver of power for making our first 100 days in office as a Council under the leadership of Dr. Uwemedimo Udo to be result oriented and evidence based.


In our first 100 days, we can boldly testify that we have seen the finger of God, no man could have done this, it is only the grace of God and we are very optimistic that we will soon see His outstretched arm.




Long live Uyo Local Government Area!

Long live Akwa Ibom State!!

Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria!!!



Secretary, Uyo Local Government.


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