Copa America 2024: Exasperation – Vinicius accepts responsibility for Brazil’s elimination

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Vinícius Júnior, a winger for Brazil, has expressed regret for failing his nation after they were ousted from the Copa America this year.

Vinicius’s ban prevented him from playing in Uruguay’s quarterfinal penalty-filled loss.

The Real Madrid player received two yellow cards during the Colombia and Paraguay group matches.

After a goalless draw with 10-man Uruguay, Brazil failed to generate chances and fell 4-2 in the shootout. Vinícius was absent from the team.

“Now that the Copa América is over, it’s important to take stock and learn how to handle losing,” Vinícius posted in Portuguese on Instagram on Tuesday.

“Frustration takes over once more. On penalties once more.

“I made a mistake and got two yellow cards that should have been avoided.

I observed the elimination from the sidelines once more. However, I was at fault this time. I’m sorry about that.

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