List Of Nollywood Actors & Actresses Who Are Currently Seriously Sick (Photos)

In today’ s article, we will be talking about actresses actors who are seriously sick or are in critical condition.

In recent years, many of our favorite Nollywood actors and actresses have disappeared from the movie set. One might think most of these actors voluntarily quit acting but in reality, many of these actors are going through a lot and some are even facing critical health problems and seeking for assistance so, in this article, I’ ll be revealing those actors and actresses.

1. Number one on the list is Doro Michael who is a very popular face in Nollywood movies.

The actor has been off the movie scene for some time now. According to reports, the actor has been battling diabetes.

However, in December 2021 a video of the veteran actor went viral on social media. Unfortunately, in the video, one of his legs was amputated, and he said it was caused by diabetes in the viral video. He begged for financial assistance so he could be able to fix artificial legs or prosthetic legs.

2. Number two on the list is actor Emeka Ani. This talented veteran Nollywood actor has been sick for some time now, in more than one viral video, the actor has been soliciting for financial assistance from the public. According to the veteran actor, he is diabetic and has been sick since December 2020. He further revealed that his matter got complicated when he suffered a partial stroke after he had surgery following the actor’ s illness.

He was given a total of six million naira by prophet Jeremiah after he went to the church alongside his two colleagues, who were also gifted five hundred thousand naira each. ” Today, we are here to support you with some of five million. One of my daughters said she heard your cry which touched her. She also supports you with one million, ” the Prophet said.

For numbers four and five we have Evelyn Osuko and Toni Goodman. These talented veteran Nollywood actors have been on the movie scene for a while.

The veteran actors were reportedly among the list of critically ill actors listed by the Actors Guide of Nigerian (AGN) on February 2021 as they launched an internal appeal fund aimed at providing urgent medical intervention to seek members and assisting families of deceased actors. Talking about their present condition, not much has been heard from most of them, as they are not all very active on social media.

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