Can a Public Speaker Lead a Complex Nation Like Nigeria To her Dorado?

Can a Public Speaker Lead a Complex Nation Like Nigeria To her Dorado?

A few hours ago His Excellency, the Vice President Of Nigeria, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo declared his intention to serve as President Of The Federal Republic Of Nigeria.

This Announcement has been met with numerous reactions.
Unlike Senator Amaechi who chose to do a ‘Victory Lap’ yesterday at a stadium in Porthacourt, Prof. Osinbajo choice to use fine words to implore us and declare in a fine studio.

I listened to radio this morning. I even sent George Iniabasi Essien a text message telling him of the Breaking News so that it can be a topic of discourse in Comfort FM’s popular ‘ISSUES IN THE NEWS”.
I listened to Planet Radio & Excel FM too.

All the callers kept saying things like ‘A Public Speaker Cannot Lead Nigeria’

‘It is not about fine rhetorics…”

“Nigeria’s Problem is crude and requires rugged and crude solutions…”


Has a Public Speaker ever led our country before? So how do we know they will not do a better job?

I believe that one of our major problems has been a National Communication Lacuna.

So much noise and promises. Very little said. No clarity. No direction.
While this is not a post to support Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, but it is very good to know that an intellectual and communicator is courageous enough to declare his intention for Presidency in a very popular party.

Yemi Osinbajo looks like the Image I want to see in the UN and ECOWAS.

But who Am I? Party Politics and Total Votes will determine our National Fate eventually.


By George Essien

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