Akwa Ibom Governor’s Aide tasks students on participating in macro politics


Akwa Ibom Governor’s Aide tasks students on participating in macro politics

…warns against blackmail, political thuggery, cultism

Personal Assistant to the Akwa Ibom State Governor on Media, Rev. Richard Peters has tasked students in higher institutions of learning to get involved in macro politics as their participation can bring about governmental reforms and development in the State.

Peters stated this yesterday during the Students Summit and inauguration ceremony organized by the Uyo Students Association, Akwa Ibom State University(AKSU) at the Uyo Local Government Council Hall, Uyo.

Peters, who spoke on the theme: “The Role Of Students In Macro Politics”, emphasized that from time immemorial till now, students have been at the forefront of the struggle for effective leadership in different climes and still play critical roles in the selection processes of leaders, who governed them.

He noted that participation in macro politics will go a long way to give them a broader view of life and happenings.

“By taking part in macro politics, student groups often mobilize to protest, petition, or lobby for political change. Students play a vital role in government reforms. By your participation in macro politics, you can drive governmental reforms and development in the State.

“Instead of developing a narrow outlook on life, participating in macro politics will give a student a broad view of life and happenings. This knowledge will help guide your decisions in politics.

The Governor’s aide advised the students against to desist from indulging in blackmail, cultism, political thuggery during their involvement in macro politics.

“Students must avoid blackmail, insulting elders, involving in cultism and political thuggery to impress their preferred candidate for personal aggrandizement. Never risk your life in the name of being active in macro politics. Do not allow yourself to be used for destruction of lives and properties, the person using you will never use his child.”

“Students must resist creating rivalry among themselves which will sow the seeds of unrest and discontent among them. Supporting a political ideology or candidate should not create unnecessary division among students. Student must strive for building unity and shaping their careers whether it is in politics or any other fields.

He urged the students to develop themselves, expose themselves to new ideas, develop positive and healthy attitudes, and build trust in public/private engagements if they are aspiring to lead the people in the future.

In his remarks, Elder Ndanti Ekuh, SA to the Governor Research and Documentation charged the Students to cultivate a right thinking attitide towards their educational pursuit and serve as mirrors to the society at large. “Students should be able to advocate for good governance, to inform the government on its bad policies and development deficit. Students in entirety should serves as a mirror to the society reflecting good governance in an effort to achieve an ideal Democratic setting that dwells within the periphery of Government of the People, by the People and for the People”. Ekuh Stated.

In her inaugural speech, the newly sworn in president, Comrade Udeme Archibong enjoined Uyo Students in Akwa Ibom State University to come together in unison and build a formidable student community.

Other speakers at the event included: Vice chairman Uyo local government area, Hon. Pst. Sylvia Ekong FCAI; Leader Uyo 7th Legislative Council, Hon Ubong Effiong; Honourable councilor representing Etoi ward 5, Hon. Mkpoikanke Dominic; Immediate Past Special Assistant to the Former Chairman on Student Matters, Comr. Mike Ekott.


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