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The first responsibility of a leader is to define reality. The last is to say thank you. In between, the leader is a servant. —Max DePree


The marking of 100 days in office by elected office holders may not be, strictly speaking, of Nigerian origin, but like any other thing, we have celebrated the event such that it has become a norm.

The event serves as a prism through which the citizens see and judge the motive and motion of their new leaders.


On December 7, 2020 Dr. Uwemedimo Udo took the mantle of leadership as the Executive Chairman of Uyo Local Government Area after his swearing in to office by the Executive Governor of Akwa Ibom State, Mr. Udom Emmanuel with a charge to develop and touch lives at the grassroots level as local government was the closest tier of government to the people.


The Uyo council boss hit the ground running to ensure that he delivered on the mandate of his administration which was anchored on qualitative, credible and human oriented leadership.

So far, Dr. Uwemedimo Udo has achieved the following in his 100 days in office;


  1. Construction of a 24-room with 3 open registries office accommodation at Uyo Local Government Secretariat.


The Administrative Block taken to completion by Dr. Uwemedimo Udo-led administration will ease the accommodation challenge of the staff and give them a conducive working environment


  1. Production of over 7,000 copies of Council’s Official Calendar for year 2021

This has not been a regular feature of local government administration in recent times.


  1. Restoration of electricity on the right wing of the revenue block, Uyo Local Government Secretariat


Power supply was cut off from this and other blocks in the council during a fire incident, but Dr. Udo has ensured that electricity is restored on the block that houses the financial units of the council.


  1. Installation of new AC Units and ceiling fans in staff offices

These provisions were made to ensure that staff members deliver their work under a conducive environment.


  1. Generation of employment opportunities in revenue units and entrepreneurial market management

With the setting up of different revenue committees, the Executive Chairman has been able to generate employment for the people.


  1. Rural Roads Development


  1. Dr Uwemedimo Udo has ensured the grading of two access roads within Uyeh Estate, Ifa Ikot Okpon, Etoi at 1k each and sand filling and grading of 2.5km Ifa Ikot Abia Ntuen road, off Oron Road, Uyo.


  1. He has also ensured the grading of 3km Nung Asang road, Ikono Uyo, which hitherto could be accessed through Etinan Local Government Area.


  1. Provision of water supply at Uyo Shopping Complex, Ikot Ekpene Road.

The Executive Chairman of Uyo has also ensured provision of potable water to occupants of the complex to make life comfortable for them.


  1. Provision of potable water at the Primary Healthcare Center, Wellington Bassey Way, Uyo.


  1. Provision of a communication equipment to the Social Mobilisation unit of the Primary Healthcare Center, Wellington Bassey Way, Uyo.


This provision is made to enhance social mobilization campaigns in rural communities.

  1. Installation of Renewable Energy Sources (Solar Power) to illuminate the council secretariat environment at night.


This provision will enhance security at the council secretariat.


  1. Installation of a new 300 KVA transformer in the local government council’s electricity sub-station to guarantee constant public power supply.


  1. Review of 17 Development based Bye-laws for the Local Government


  1. Improved Sanitation at Akpan Andem Market and its Environs


At the Akpan Andem Entrepreneurial Village, Dr. Udo’s administration has ensured an improved sanitation in the commercial center of the state and its environs with the setting up of a sub-committe primarily for sanitation and the committee has so far delivered on its assigned duties as testimonies abound.


  1. Rehabilitation of Market Shades


The administration of Dr. Uwemedimo Udo, through the new market management committee has also ensured the rehabilitation of market shades at the Akpan Andem Entrepreneurial Village for businesses to thrive.


The mile stones recorded during the period under review have testified that Dr Uwemedimo Udo came ready for service with a blue print to transform the council into a model while affecting people’s lives positively.

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