#AkwaIbomtotheWorld : This Is Why You Should Showcase Your Fashion Talent


#AkwaIbomtotheWorld : This Is Why You Should Showcase Your Fashion Talent


Fashion industry accommodates all kinds of people–both young and old. It gives you a platform to showcase your talent and build your brand. Get inspired today and join the fast-growing industry.

Anietie James is a young innovative tailor who is always ready to explore the world and see what fashion holds for our generation.

The adage, “an idle man is a devil’s workshop” prompted Anietie to shun idleness and engage himself in something worthwhile after his SSCE examination.


The Fashion industry can never go extinct as people keep purchasing fashion accessories. Many Nigerians have ventured into the industry and have carved a niche for themselves. However, fashion business is very profitable, it can become your source of income when you are consistent, focus and ready to work. Anietie affirms that someone can make money from his business.

Anietie started his business with the sum of N350,000.


Although challenges are certain in businesses, Anietie has never thought of crumbling in the face of challenges, but he as continuously built himself to grow more.


The business has not yet grown to the point of engaging people, hence, he makes all the wears alone.

Every successful entrepreneur has a mentor guiding his/her footsteps, Anietie is not an exception as he points out, Destiny Designers, and Yomi casuals as his business mentors.

Fashion encompasses human life, an investment in the business can never be worthless. Therefore, Anietie wants Investors to invest in his business by purchasing industrial sewing machines to fasten the production of wears.


Consistency and focus are the two key elements of business success, hence Anietie advises entrepreneurs to be focused and consistent in their businesses.

The impact entrepreneurs create on the economy of a state cannot be undervalued as they create employment opportunities for people.


The fashion industry offers a wide range of opportunities, let this story inspire you to make use of them.





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